Thoughts on marriage… and also LOADS of junk food

Another great day on the road! We have been #blessed today by beautiful weather and a much swifter pace.

We left all those “I” states behind while fueled by a couple of chocolate frappuccinos in a jar (crack) and way too many nacho cheese doritos. Yes, my stomach hurts.

We stopped for lunch at another truck stop and dined with all of our fellow truckers.

Squad goals.

Mr. I-Will-Never-Listen-To-An-Audiobook enjoyed a few hours of a Neil Gaiman book. I guess that’s what marriage is – being willing to try something you don’t want to and being willing to admit when you like it. Like how I’ve come to enjoy golfing, snorkeling, exercising, and egg sandwiches with mayonnaise. I guess another piece of marriage is not rubbing your victory in your spouse’s face, even when you notice every time he appears to be enjoying the book on tape.

We stopped for the evening in Ogallala, Nebraska. Our hotel is next door to a great little Mexican restaurant. I’m currently munching down a taco salad, and I sadly realize that this is the healthiest thing I’ve eaten all day. The food is great but the service is a little slow… lets just say if we were driving as slowly as these servers are serving, we’d still be in Pennsylvania.

Time to get out of here and to the hotel – we’ve spent the entire day looking forward to snuggling up next to Gary tonight… Gary Farrell, that is – a fantastic bottle of wine from Patrick and Keeley. Cheers!

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