A hiatus in Colorado

We arrived Wednesday around lunch time, and enjoyed a homemade pasta salad a la Dad. So refreshing after all of that truck stop food! We played frisbee, made a beer run, and saw good friends for dinner. Ian and I collapsed in bed exhausted Wednesday night, so proud to have completed the first leg of our adventure.

Thursday morning I woke the boys up early to visit our truck in the parking lot up the street. We were happy to confirm that all of our belongings remained securely in place after over 1700 miles on the road. We unloaded all of our bins of winter coats and sweaters (all marked “I”, “M”, or “B”) and packed them away in the crawl space, which my mother cleaned out recently and is thrilled  to have filled with storage for her favorite daughter, son-in-law, and grand-dog.

We headed to Pegasus for our favorite breakfast on earth – breakfast burritos smothered in green chili with a pancake for dessert – and miraculously ran into the one-and-only Barb Brown, who stopped to chat with us while we ate our incredibly delicious breakfast. Such a treat to see Barb Brown, one of our very favorite Coloradans, two meals in a row!

Next we stopped at Home Depot to buy more fencing in order to continue to fortify the prison yard backyard. The short story: my parents’ house (and entire subdivision) is suffering a mule deer infestation. 

While at the giant orange mecca, I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw, on an end cap (always the end caps!) a stack of beetle kill pine lumber. Having a flashback to my Ikea coffee table abandoned on the sidewalk in New Jersey, I announced (to my dad’s utter delight), that I would like to build a beetle kill pine coffee table.

Wouldn't be a visit to Colorado without a family trip to Home Depot
Wouldn’t be a visit to Colorado without a family trip to Home Depot

Later on Thursday we hosted a subset of the fantasy football league for an evening of catching up, playing yard games, and devouring Schmom’s delicious pork chops.

Friday, Ian headed downtown for his football draft and Dad and I embarked upon our new mission to build a coffee table. We found plans online, made a shopping list, and stopped for lunch before plugging a lumber company into our Google maps that supposedly carries the drool-worthy beetle kill pine which we intend to transform into high class DIY furniture. For any non-Coloradan readers, a breed of beetles has infested and killed a sweeping number of mountainous Colorado pine trees over many years. While the beetles are devastating for our forests, they leave behind a blue-grey stain in the outer rings of the bark that is uniquely beautiful and very special to Colorado.
Anyways, the lumber company was in the middle of nowhere…. plus a little bit farther. But look at this view!


We tried to play it cool and tell the lumber guy what we were looking for, but I ended up admitting (while Dad was in the bathroom) that I had never made furniture before and showing him our plans for his help. We left with a truck full of planed lumber that we fully intend to miraculously transform into an epic piece of furniture.

After a great few days in Colorado, our alarms are set for a bright and early wake up tomorrow to head to our next stop… Tucson!

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