We are currently sitting in our last hotel room in Oxnard, CA and will be moving into our apartment tomorrow morning! Somebody was apparently exhausted from our 600 mile journey…


It was another early morning and Mackenzie and I split up for the first time on the trip. We took the car off the trailer and dropped the trailer off at Penske so the truck was quite a bit lighter! Although after dropping the trailer I feel like I’m leaving the inner sanctum of truckers. It’s kind of sad, like we’re leaving our squad behind. No more flashes of the lights from my fellow brethren.

Mackenzie and Schmom took off around 7AM to make it to the apartment to get keys and make sure it was clean enough for us to move into. As a reminder to all of you out there, I signed the lease on this apartment without Mackenzie seeing it. This never happens. All decisions are always looked over by the boss. Needless to say I was a little nervous for her to see it for the first time. Rest assured though, she loved it and is just as excited as I am to get all of our stuff in there tomorrow. Man do I hope it all fits.

I was a couple hours behind the ladies as we had a coffee table that needed some additional sanding this morning. I finished the sanding with quite a bit of help from B-Rad and hit the road. My 87 point inspection is now down to only 5 points (given that we don’t have the trailer) so I was pulling out of the driveway in no time.

I hit the California border around 1:30 pm and was prompted by a very nice state border agent who asked if I had any plants or fruit in my truck. I answered “No” and kept going on my way. Thankfully we had limited room in the truck when we had packed it and the house plants were one of the first items to get the boot! As I got closer to LA I got the real welcome to California…gridlock.


But that didn’t last too long and I arrived in Oxnard around 7:30PM. A quick order to Pizza Man Dan’s for dinner…seriously you can’t make this stuff up!


Yes that is a man on a beach in a pepperoni pizza shirt with a pizza hat. And yes that is a corvette decked out in pepperoni pizza paint (I think Dan is also wearing a pizza necktie too). And they say New Yorkers love their pizza!

It’s going to be a long day tomorrow unloading the gigantic truck, but luckily we (aka Mackenzie) hired a couple of Australian men to help unload the truck (not sure who is going to benefit more from that).

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