Illinois, you were the light at the end of the tunnel of rain. We had been driving through hours and hours of it and we finally got to your welcoming state line. Like a blessing you stopped the endless seige of torrential downpour and gave us dry road.

And then you do this and completely remove any affection that I had for you as a state…


Seriously who puts olives on a Hawaiian pizza???

At least we have a delicious Santa Barbara Cab to wash down the terrible choices of a pizza parlor who shall remain unnamed.

We can only hope for no rain and no olives in our forecast tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Disgusted…

  1. If you hit up Chicago, go to Lou marlonis for pizza. So good and fresh it will
    Change you!

    San Diego, go to la puerta for tacos…holy cow they are scrumptious.

    San Antonio, a place called b&b smokehouse I think. Best bbq I’ve ever had!

    We just went across in July 🙂 so beautiful and so much to see and do. Enjoy the rest of your trip!

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