Ian’s thoughts on marriage…

I will be the first to admit that yes the book on tape has been enjoyable. Weird as heck but yes enjoyable. I have a few observations as well about road tripping with your wife.

  1. Listening to books on tape is equivalent to watching TV shows with your wife. She will either fall asleep or not pay attention to parts and you will be required to fill in the gaps.
  2. When you really want a picture of something, you must state that desire at least 1 minute before that object appears. Any less time and you are guaranteed a #selfiefail.20160816_102544
  3. Never send your wife into a convenience store for snacks when she is hungry. You will have snacks for days.
  4. Car karaoke will reveal talents and ineptitudes you never knew. Namely harmony for talents and word recognition/lyrics for ineptitudes.
  5. It’s not a good thing when a man at the truck stop let’s your wife order ahead of them when she’s wearing yoga pants #creepy

One thought on “Ian’s thoughts on marriage…

  1. Mackenzie and Ian,
    Both of your blog posts (is that what they are called?) are wonderful to read!
    Your observations are inclusive, fun, introspective – and all done with your characteristic elegance and optimism.
    Thanks for letting me (virtually) join you on the journey.
    Ellen (and Flynn, too)

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