Is it all going to fit????


The short answer was no…but we made it work anyways! A huge help from our awesome neighbor and most of the stuff left behind will be reused by her son. In terms of the packing, we are convinced not a single additional item could have fit in the back of that truck. The legend of Bill Wildman’s real life Tetris skills continues to live on.

Mackenzie, Bandit and I were ready for the day…yes that is a baby bjorn for a dog (there’s a tail hole).


Mike & Adam came by to help load the truck. Huge thanks for making the trip out! We seriously have the best moving crew around, Schmom on the break-ables, Dad on the packing and all our awesome friends who have helped over the years. I think we can safely say this will be our last self-move ever. Cheers to that!



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