Illinois, you were the light at the end of the tunnel of rain. We had been driving through hours and hours of it and we finally got to your welcoming state line. Like a blessing you stopped the endless seige of torrential downpour and gave us dry road.

And then you do this and completely remove any affection that I had for you as a state…


Seriously who puts olives on a Hawaiian pizza???

At least we have a delicious Santa Barbara Cab to wash down the terrible choices of a pizza parlor who shall remain unnamed.

We can only hope for no rain and no olives in our forecast tomorrow.

Through wind, rain, and construction zones

After a great night sleep and a hot breakfast, we were ready to hit the road for Day 2! It was hard to relax knowing the entirety of our possessions was outside in the parking lot, but a bottle of delicious French wine did just the trick. Plus, every time I woke up I could look out the window to confirm the truck and car were, in fact, still there.

Our room with a view

Our first stop of the day was to get our hands dirty (literally) filling up the tires and checking the oil. At this point we have convinced ourselves that we are hard core truckers… the kind that get so excited their hands are dirty that they stop to take a selfie.


Ohio was a breeze. We stopped for lunch at a meticulously maintained rest stop and ate a pair of whoppers, french fries, and onion rings… gotta work on those beach bods, ya know!

Indiana has been a little less pleasant. Since lunch Ian has navigated us through sheets of rain and almost constant construction zones. We’re feeling grateful that Bandido is not here to suffer the terror of the windshield wipers… he caught a flight with Schmom and is waiting for us in Colorado.

Getting nowhere fast
Getting nowhere fast

And yes, that’s our entire wine collection sitting between us in the cab. Priorities.

And we’re off!

So we’re actually driving this thing…


What the heck were we thinking?


Ok, now that we go that out of the way, this is awesome! A quick drive through town and we were on our way down the highway. The 4 hour drive flew by, as did all the cars that passed us as we chugged along at a whopping 60 mph. We drove through our first toll booth and the over/under was set at $3. Needless to say we do not classify as a car with a trailer for the $2 toll. The over won the bet as our first toll cost us $16! I think we’re going to need more cash.

The toll brought us into beautiful Pennsylvania. Weird to think we’ve both spent almost a quarter of our lives in this state. It had rained off and on all day so there was a cool fog among all the green rolling hills.

20160814_162052 20160814_192705

We kept chugging and ended up stopping for gas and dinner at a truck stop called Sapp Bros and Aunt Lu’s Cafe. I feel like we fit in really well.


After a great dinner that definitely had no shortage of sodium we pulled up into the oasis that is the Holiday Inn Express of Clearfield, PA (no really, it is fantastic). We were both really excited to shower after a long day of packing in what felt like 100 degree weather, drink the bottle of only slightly overheated wine we had brought along and pass out in our king-sized bed. Until tomorrow….

Is it all going to fit????


The short answer was no…but we made it work anyways! A huge help from our awesome neighbor and most of the stuff left behind will be reused by her son. In terms of the packing, we are convinced not a single additional item could have fit in the back of that truck. The legend of Bill Wildman’s real life Tetris skills continues to live on.

Mackenzie, Bandit and I were ready for the day…yes that is a baby bjorn for a dog (there’s a tail hole).


Mike & Adam came by to help load the truck. Huge thanks for making the trip out! We seriously have the best moving crew around, Schmom on the break-ables, Dad on the packing and all our awesome friends who have helped over the years. I think we can safely say this will be our last self-move ever. Cheers to that!



T minus a few hours

It’s our last night in New Jersey and we’re spending it in a hotel, since our truck is already half loaded (including beds!)


How quickly after a nervous move to New Jersey over three years ago we came to love the state. We love Summit… walking to town, the beautifully landscaped lawns, lots of great restaurants. The intense efficient attitude quickly grew on us and we don’t even mind the Jersey left turns on rts 10 and 22. We made lots of great friends here – including but not limited to all of the dogs in our neighborhood who go on morning walks around 7 or 8, guys from Ian’s Saturday morning hockey league, and our wonderful neighbors at Kent Court (Ellen & Flynn, it hasn’t been the same without you).

Our favorite places in town include the local Paper Source that keeps dog treats behind the counter, eating outside at Winberies and the Committed Pig, the muni golf course, and the epic church Christmas concert. I spent hours upon hours at Nissan World of Springfield during my monthly oil change – I probably wrote half of my dissertation in that waiting room.

Enough of our feelings on NJ for now… time to rest up. That truck will not pack itself tomorrow! And the adventure awaits…

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