Reflections from 1,500 miles on the road

What a few days it has been! Before I get all reflective and tell you all how we really felt when we first sat in that truck, I have to say we are having an absolute blast!

It kind of felt like a skier staring down a double black diamond after just learning how to stop sideways on a bunny hill. OK, it wasn’t that bad, Papa Wildman had made me back-up in the truck with the empty trailer attached and I think had purposefully let me drive home from the rental place so that I would hit a curb with the empty trailer just to get it out of my system. Reminds me of the time he took me out in a full on nor’easter in Massachusetts to teach me how to drive in the snow before I had my license. I recall him saying “What better time to learn?” I have to give it to him the logic seemed sound at the time and to this day I haven’t gotten in an accident in the snow (knock on wood). Needless to say driving a truck with all your earthly posessions towing the only transportation you have is a bit nerve-racking.

Now that we are apparently truckers (Erin – I still think I should have bought the trucker hat at Laughing Man) and have 1,500 miles under the belt, the fear has subsided a bit. We are enjoying the occasional headlight flashes we get after passing trucks to signal we’ve put enough distance between us to move back into the slow lane. Also, it makes us feel that we’re part of the clan, a sort of symbolic head-nod. If we go by proportion of symbolic head-nods, we are accepted by about 1% of the trucker community. Hey, you’ve got to start somewhere.

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