T minus a few hours

It’s our last night in New Jersey and we’re spending it in a hotel, since our truck is already half loaded (including beds!)


How quickly after a nervous move to New Jersey over three years ago we came to love the state. We love Summit… walking to town, the beautifully landscaped lawns, lots of great restaurants. The intense efficient attitude quickly grew on us and we don’t even mind the Jersey left turns on rts 10 and 22. We made lots of great friends here – including but not limited to all of the dogs in our neighborhood who go on morning walks around 7 or 8, guys from Ian’s Saturday morning hockey league, and our wonderful neighbors at Kent Court (Ellen & Flynn, it hasn’t been the same without you).

Our favorite places in town include the local Paper Source that keeps dog treats behind the counter, eating outside at Winberies and the Committed Pig, the muni golf course, and the epic church Christmas concert. I spent hours upon hours at Nissan World of Springfield during my monthly oil change – I probably wrote half of my dissertation in that waiting room.

Enough of our feelings on NJ for now… time to rest up. That truck will not pack itself tomorrow! And the adventure awaits…

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