What a relaxing few days in Tucson! We had a great time playing lots of pool volleyball, eating good food, and catching up with Kim, Donna, and Grandpa Jim.

We also got to work building our coffee table! Dad and I did lots of sawing, drilling, and assembling. Ian turns out to have a knack for filling the cracks in our lumber with resin. And apparently, he “has a steadier hand after a couple of beers”.

So steady
So steady.

And the humans weren’t the only ones who enjoyed the pool! After taking notes watching Roobie and Gus (his Bergstrom pack), Bandito made quite a few trips into the pool himself to wade across the top step.

Look, Schmom! I'm in the pool!
Look, Schmom! I’m in the pool!

Once, he slipped off the step and swam his way back up and out of the pool… then celebrated by bolting back and forth across the backyard. Tucson is so much fun!!!!!

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