We made it to Colorado!

Day 4 down and we have made it to Colorado! We hit the road around 8 AM this morning and arrived at Mackenzie’s parents’ house around noon after a hit rate of 1 out of 25 truckers giving us the symbolic head-knod (at least we’re getting a better hit rate).


After a quick conversation with the friendly fireman down the road we had secured a parking spot for our rig (that’s apparently what we truckers call it). Once we had parked we opened the back of the truck very tentatively half expecting the contents to spill out onto the parking lot. We should have known that everything would be exactly as we had left it. We did after all have an expert packer. We were very pleasantly surprised.

We spent the afternoon relaxing on the porch and playing yard games. It is amazing to not be sitting in that truck, at least for the next couple days. We had a very niceĀ dinner with some family friends the Jacobs and Barb Brown and are currently sitting around the fire enjoying some well deserved vino. We hit the road again on Sunday to head to Tucson, AZ after my Fantasy Football draft in Denver.


2 thoughts on “We made it to Colorado!

  1. Wonderful news! And great photo! Was that little Bandit I saw on Chris’ lap?
    Enjoy the time in Colorado! Can’t wait for the next chapter and to hear how you like the Tucson digs.
    Ellen and Flynb

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