Week one

Saturday: A valiant effort by all (thank you Schmom, Alex & Cathrine, and Aussie Movers) to get everything in. And it fit… kiiiiiinda.


Sunday: We started with Schmom-approved breakfast burritos in town


then returned home to find a dove had flown in the open patio door, but was gloriously rescued by Ian the-dove-whisper Wildman.


Monday: More unpacking. We are quite proud to have gone from




After dinner in town, we frolicked on the beach and watched the stars before heading home for bed.


Tuesday: We spent most of the day becoming official California citizens… at the DMV! After a few hours… we’re official!


We celebrated with a great dinner with Schmom and Dito in Santa Barbara.


Wednesday: We started with a morning walk along the bluffs.


then enjoyed an evening out on the town with new friends.


Thursday: Started with a bike ride to get breakfast burritos


then I headed up the 101 for my first day on campus!


Friday: Celebrated the end of a great week with happy hour on the beach!


2 thoughts on “Week one

  1. A great and productive week for you! Photos are great-especially happy hour on the beach.
    Best of all, you seem to be having lots of fun!!

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